Password Hygiene 2021

 Have you ever thought about how many cyberattacks happen daily? All it takes is one click, one person, or one compromised credential to have a data breach. You can help your company from being a statistic by banning the use of poor passwords. Having a guideline for your employees to follow can increase the protection of their accounts. Adding in a Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) will help protect your company from fraudulent sign-in attempts by 99.9%.  

 Another way to keep your company safe is by implementing password hygiene. Password hygiene is a set of rules or guidelines that help users create a more secure and effective password. Many employees may use ” P@ssword1” or “123456” without having hygiene implemented into your workplace (NCSC). What is incredibly shocking is that 23.2 million users globally are currently using the password “123456,”; according to the National Cyber Security Center (NCSC). If this is your password, please don’t become another number in the statistic. Change your password!  

 Using a passphrase over a password can significantly upgrade your security. Using a favorite quote, lyrics, or phrases will not only meet the password requirements but will also help you better remember your password. Have you ever set a password and then forgotten it right away? Maybe it’s because it wasn’t catchy or memorable, but it fit the password criteria. Using passphrases instead of passwords better protect your account and prevent you from clicking the “forgot password” button.  

 Another tip for passwords: do not use the exact password/phrase for every account, even if it is convenient. While it might be hard to remember all the passwords for every account, using the exact password/phrase for every account can lead to security issues. Once one account gets hacked, it’s easier to access the rest.  

 Implementing multi-factor authentication and good password hygiene into your professional and personal life can save you many headaches. In the workplace specifically, make sure you discuss password security and hygiene with your IT and security team first. There is always a risk that your information will be compromised, but you are mitigating that risk quite significantly by following our tips. 

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