Maintaining a Secure & Efficient Home Office.

Maintaining efficiency and productivity is one of the most important aspects of working from home, and a big part of that is working securely from home. To do that, I have composed a list of the top tech tips that will keep you working efficiently and more secure during the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

The device you probably never thought about 

The router is the most overlooked and most important item of this whole process. If your router is older than 5 years consider buying a new one as old routers are slower and may not keep your network as secure as it could be. Make sure you secure the router by adding your own admin-level password and wifi passphrases to it, please don’t use the password/passphrases manufacturers send with the device.  

Make sure there are two different networks on the router so one is for the family and the other is for your own home office (an easy way to do this is create a guest network for only work devices). Each network should have different (and long) password/passphrases and the only one who should know the work network passphrase/password should be yourself. Make sure it isn’t the same password you use on other private accounts. Make the password unique and lengthy, and something you will remember. Note: no password for any account should be the same as the others, all accounts you own should have different passwords associated with them. The password should be at least twelve characters and include capitalized letters and numbers throughout it. Lastly, make sure you have placed the wifi router in an open central area… the more walls the signal has to go through, the weaker the signal become


What does it mean to check the bandwidth or even what is bandwidth.  Bandwidth is the “width” of your Internet connection… how much data can be pulled down from the network (download) and how much you can push up to the network (upload) So if your family is like mine, multiple people are streaming and chatting with other family members or friends. To avoid any delays in the home office make sure you have enough bandwidth. If your router is experiencing some delays check your ISP data usage by doing a speed test and some internet providers can even see what is taking up most of your bandwidth. You might need more bandwidth.  

Clean your technology  

 Don’t let a dirty keyboard keep you from working efficiently. We are constantly using our hands to touch surfaces then we touch our keyboard. Crumbs and other debris can prevent keys from working correctly. Make sure you have a compressed bottle of air to help you keep debris from filling in the gaps of your keyboard. If that doesn’t work even removing your keys one by one to clean can also help if your keys seem to be not working. If you have a desktop the fans can collect a lot of dust and it piles up and can cause the fans to slow down. To clean power down the desktop and open it up and clean it out with the air can. Make sure to move this cleanse outdoors to not make a bigger mess of your work area. Laptops are trickier when it comes to cleaning, make sure you are cleaning out the vents and speakers and keyboard but do not open up the back of it, most warranties will not cover damage done to the bottom chassis of a laptop. 

Remove “Smart Devices”  

Remove any home device that could be potentially listening in on your conversations. Removing smart home items is important especially if you are dealing with client information and sensitive credentials. Home devices like Alexa/Echo and the Google Assistant devices are constantly listening in on your conversations.To Avoid any breaches and taking the utmost care for your client’s confidential needs just remove the smart device from your  workspace.    

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