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Looking for a Capital District IT Consultant that you can truly rely on?

If you’re fed up of worrying about the dependability of your business technology, or if you’re lost when it comes to knowing which hardware, software or applications you need to grow your organization, it’s time to talk to an IT Consultant. Groff NetWorks does more than look at hardware specs, we learn how your business operates and improve your IT systems based on your workflow.

Groff NetWorks Managed IT Services gives you access to your own Virtual CIO (Chief Information Officer). That means you get expert advice from an industry leader customized for your very own small or medium-sized business.

VCIO strategies from Groff NetWorks include:

On-demand IT consulting and advising; available when you need us. Do you need to test your PCI compliance? Do you really need to upgrade your server or can software improvements solve your problem? Are you worried about Ransomware? Have a partner you can call on anytime.
Improvements are made with your workflow and budget in control. We solve problems practically, not based on hyped or unproven technology.
Better protection – don’t let an IT disaster threaten your business. Protect it with secure IT Administration.

Your technology shouldn’t be holding you back – it should be helping you leave your competition in the dust. Get a better return on your IT investment with expert advice from Groff NetWorks.

It’s time to really get the best out of your technology and with Virtual CIO services from Groff NetWorks you’ll be able to stop worrying about your IT and do just that! Serving small and medium-sized businesses throughout the Capital District, our Project and Consulting Services take the stress out of IT.

If you’re not confident your IT is the best it can be and if you’re constantly worrying about downtime, it’s time to talk to us. Let Us design a tailor-made technology strategy that eliminates the problems your IT can create and show you a clear path for the future.

Managed Service

Managed Services from Groff NetWorks bring predictability to both your business and your budget


Groff NetWorks Managed Service Package gives you access to your own Virtual CIO (ChiefInformation Officer).

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