Since COVID-19, the whole world has been dealing with constant business changes, from being in the office to working remotely. We are now shifting again to another “new normal” — a hybrid type of workplace — which can be challenging. At Groff NetWorks, we have been learning how to maintain the most efficient and effective team while working remotely, as well as listening to our clients about how to improve their productivity. Our team was the most productive when we are more inclusive with all of our team members, regardless of location. Since then we have been getting the best ideas, the finest collaboration, and are more successful in reaching business targets. 


To help develop inclusivity in your new hybrid workplace, you need to create a deeper relationship with your employees. Try and schedule a weekly or bi-weekly check-in with your employees, to help create a better relationship. Be open to small talk; don’t merely focus on the tasks at hand or only work-related things. Strong relationships and employee loyalty are formulated when you get to know your employees as an actual person. Even before the pandemic, we’ve always been a hybrid team. Keeping strong connections and passing information among teams about changes at client sites and hot button concerns….was at the center of what we’ve been doing.  


Not everything that is emailed or messages in a team chat can be received well. Sometimes messages can be received as rude or too sarcastic. Team members should be able to communicate with their team if they find the message to have come off negatively. Teams that use clarification and paraphrasing in written communications are more successful in getting their message across. An example of asking an employee for clarification can be; “If I understood you correctly, you were saying that..” or “If I am hearing you correctly, you want me to..”.  


Physical meetings have not been possible for a while now. However, as the state re-opens, you could consider in-person meetings, especially outside. Ask your employees if they feel comfortable doing so; if they don’t, continue with virtual meetings. If you have multiple office locations, ask the employee if they would like to meet or visit an office that is convenient to them. Don’t forget your face mask; set a good example in safety by protecting yourself and others. 


In addition to the official training for new hires, think about introducing a buddy system. It works for students, who are assigned classmates that act as a mentor for the first few months. The workplace buddy would essentially do the same thing. They would meet the employee regularly, whether virtually or in-person and be their support system emotionally and professionally. 

At Groff NetWorks, we take the time to get to know you and your company first before we make any sort of move in your network. We want to make sure that our services and visions are a fit for each other. We as an MSP keep you updated on any new or old issues to be as preventative as possible. At Groff NetWorks, a core value of ours is having a servant’s heart. That means we are open, honest, and caring when it comes to our work and our clients. To see if we are the right fit for you, call us at 518-320-8906 or fill out a new client form on our website