Password Hygiene 2021

Password Hygiene 2021

 Have you ever thought about how many cyberattacks happen daily? All it takes is one click, one person, or one...

Managing Remote Teams

Managing Remote Teams

When the world turned upside down in March of 2020, hybrid teams and remote work turned into our new normal,...

518 Virtual Networking Event

Another great virtual networking event this morning!
Come join us for our next virtual networking event on August 5th at 3 pm! Connect with fellow business colleagues and get...

LinkedIn Local Albany

Can I just say the #Capitalregion does it best when it comes to being inclusive and being there for each other! Thanks to ⭐️ Miranda VonFricken ⭐️ Vonficken for hosting...

LinkedIn Live Event

LinkedIn Live Event

Another outstanding networking event host by Miranda VonFricken's LinkedIn Live event! Today we discussed the importance of energy and how...

Are Your Employees Phishing Bait?

What is phishing, and how is it affecting my company? Well, phishing can affect every industry in every market in a click of a button. Phishing is one of the...

Shhh…Our Company Secret

Lauren Groff talks about what the Network Administrator role entails at Groff NetWorks, and how its done a little differently to maximize success for the client.


Happy Trails, Windows 7!

Windows 7 is about to take that hike down the ol’ dusty trail called Tech Obsolesce. Everyone hates goodbyes, but no need to whimper for Windows 7.


A Trusted Source

Our mission at Groff NetWorks is to impact the world in a positive way through technology success. We want to be a source for you, even our...

Tech Tuesday – Value Creation


Lauren Groff is joined by Peter Briden of TruMethods. Peter previously founded one of the most successful managed service providers in the greater Pittsburgh area and did so...

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