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Meet Jon!   Title: Senior Network Specialist Employee Since:  2009 Favorite TV Show:  Supernatural Favorite Sport:  Baseball Favorite Food/Drink:  Pizza / Diet Coke One thing you can’t live without:  My... read more

Microchips: Are we next?

A few months ago, the hosts of the popular daytime TV show The View were flamed by viewers over a discussion about the benefits of microchipping our babies to keep track of them. However, a surprising number of viewers actually agreed with the hosts, stating that it... read more

Shiny Gadget- Bruno (June 2015)

Meet Bruno, the world’s first “smart” garbage can. Here’s the deal: Bruno is a Wi-Fi-enabled bin that links up with your smartphone. He’ll send you push notifications when he’s getting full, when it’s time to put the garbage out for collection and when he’s running... read more