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We’re Thankful for our Clients… During this month of Thanksgiving, we want to show our thanks and support to Capital Region businesses! So to celebrate the fact we have been in business for over 10 years we want to give away some free strategic IT planning that could save your business thousands! Be One of the First 10 To Respond and Get a FREE Network Consultation I want to give you a free Network Consultation to assist your business in reviewing your current network strategy and roadmap. Why Are We Giving This Service Away For Free? Some people think we are crazy for offering free services. They say, “Aren’t you afraid people will just take advantage of you?” The truth is, some people might – but we know that most business owners are just honest people trying to find cost-effective ways to make their businesses run more profitably and efficiently. We have the answer and we want to give it to you! *Note: There are no strings attached, however you must have at least 10—150 users in a network, to utilize this Thanksgiving special!   All you have to do to take advantage of this offer is call, email, or fill out the form below and we will reach out to you! 518-320-8906 x2 /  Lauren Groff, CEO Groff NetWorks     100% FREE! NO OBLIGATION. NO COMMITMENT. Why? You shouldn’t have to spend money for us to prove we can do a better job at supporting your business technology than your current provider. Put us to the test! First Name*Last Name*Company*Email*Phone*  ... read more

We’re Hiring!

Interested in joining our team?  We have an opening!   Remote Support Engineer – Grow with Groff NetWorks Groff NetWorks, LLC was founded to help businesses and organizations in the Tech Valley / Capital Region get the most out of their business technology. We are passionate about helping our clients and working together as a team to solve problems smartly. Above all, we value our partnerships with our clients. We are not a 1-800 number, we specialize in making IT personable as well as professional. If you’re interested in making a difference every day with fun, friendly co-workers, come join the Groff team in our new office space. Job Summary Our Remote Support Engineers are responsible for the rapid resolution of technical issues that arise for our clients. Technical expertise and customer service are paramount to the success of our clients. The Remote Support Engineer is responsible for providing effective frontline user support and desktop assistance for our clients, as well as technological support and troubleshooting in a remote environment. Key responsibilities of this position include but are not limited to responding to a variety of support requests remotely; performing technical troubleshooting for workstations, servers, and networking issues. Doing new workstation builds / rebuilds; installing operating systems; software / hardware installs; patching systems and protecting against viruses / malware; and troubleshooting peripheral and mobile devices. What We Require 3+ years’ experience supporting Microsoft desktop and server environments, including Exchange, Microsoft Office and Microsoft Server. Small business LANs, including basic routing, switching and wireless support and troubleshooting. Various software and technologies deployed by a small business: on the desktop: Microsoft... read more

What To Do If A Hacker Attacks Your Network

It’s like any other day at the office until you get an e-mail from a client saying he received several strange e-mails from you, and suggests that you may have been hacked. You check and, sure enough, you’ve been compromised. So what do you do now? How many other clients have gotten the same message? Should you e-mail the rest of your clients with the news? And what else have the hackers gained access to? What do you do NOW? Don’t dismiss it or ignore it. Just because only one or two unauthorized e-mails were sent doesn’t mean the problem is small. Often, hackers will start out doing minor things to test the security of your network and the speed of your Internet connection, and watch to see whether or not they get caught and blocked. If they aren’t, their activities escalate quickly, so don’t delay in taking steps to regain control of your network. Change ALL your passwords immediately. Time is NOT on your side on this, so as soon as you discover a breach, change ALL your passwords to every online application and device. Then notify your bank that your laptop or computer was compromised and to put your account on high alert for fraud. Get professional help immediately. A true pro will have the tools and expertise to regain control and run diagnostics to find out exactly what’s going on. They should be able to determine what applications and data were compromised and what damage has been done so you can take appropriate action from there. DO make sure you find out why your system was... read more

Is “Convenient” Technology Silently Killing Sales In Your Company

With mobile devices, e-mail, Facebook, LinkedIn and countless other ways to communicate with clients, there is a temptation for sales pros to get sloppy and thoughtless – even reckless – about how they respond to and communicate with clients and prospects. For starters, just because you can take a client phone call from anywhere on a mobile phone doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to do it. Do you really think your sales team can be at their best and conduct a serious, strategic and thoughtful conversation in a noisy restaurant or airport terminal, or while distracted and driving? Hear this: environments matter. If you wouldn’t select one of these places to sit down and conduct a serious business negotiation (which is what selling is) because it would be chaotic and full of distractions that are counterproductive to concentrating – even listening – why on earth would you take a client’s unscheduled call on a cell phone in the very same environment? Further, communicating to important people about important things is rarely best done through instant messages sent through Facebook, Twitter or even a hastily typed e-mail. While technology is fantastic for responding fast and to a massive number of people quickly, hear this: don’t fall into “autopilot” mode and carelessly respond to clients and prospects. If you see an important client call or e-mail, don’t respond immediately. Find a quiet, productive environment first where you can concentrate, take notes and even engage in a bit of prep BEFORE you call them back. Clients will appreciate it and you will come across as a consummate professional.... read more

How To Avoid The “Cash-Flow Crunch” Of A Network Upgrade

How To Avoid The “Cash-Flow Crunch” Of A Network Upgrade If you’re facing an expensive server refresh, network upgrade or expansion, there are two options you should consider to cut costs. The first is moving your network to the cloud. Doing this can often reduce hardware, software and support costs significantly over time, not to mention giving you more flexibility to work remotely and from various devices. If you’re just not ready for cloud computing or if your specific environment (applications, systems, etc.) won’t work well in the cloud, another option to consider is HaaS or “hardware as a service.” HaaS is essentially a way to pay for hardware, software and services bundled together in a lower, predictably monthly fee, avoiding a hefty one-time cash outlay. You won’t own the hardware or software outright, so you can also write off 100% of the costs in the year you’re purchasing them because it’s defined as a “service” and therefore an operational expenditure versus a capital... read more