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Think your files are safe? Think again!

Cryptolocker, Ransomware, Encryption, Oh My! “I don’t know how it happened.  But now my computer is saying I need to pay $300 to get my files back.”  Millions of dollars have been ransomed. I’m sure many of you are aware of someone who’s been asked to pay a ransom to... read more

Cool Spaces Feature

Our fearless leader Lauren Groff knows what it takes to make something out of nothing– and nothing shows that off better than taking a building that no one wanted and turning it into one of the Coolest Spaces to Work in Troy. See the pictures and read more at... read more

Securing social media privacy – with cats

When it comes to social media, most of us have privacy concerns at the forefront of our minds. Who can see what we post? Who owns the photos we upload? It even comes down to wondering what happens to our social media identities when we die. It is part of the reason... read more